Terms & Conditions

Making a booking

The easiest way to place an order with us is by completing one of our Enquiry or Contact Forms which can be found on the Wedding Packages or Contact Us pages. You can also email us to place an order, by emailing hello@rentforyourevent.co.uk 

Your booking will only be confirmed and the date of your event secured once we have sent you an invoice and received your booking fee.


We currently have three payment options in order to give our customers plenty of choice when booking with us, including being able to spread the cost! These are;


A non-refundable booking fee of 50% of the full hire amount is required to secure your booking. The remaining balance plus security deposit will then be due no later than 4 weeks prior to the event date. 

Pay in Thirds

A non-refundable booking fee of a third of the full hire amount is required to secure your booking. A further third is payable at a date provided at the time of quote (usually at mid point between date of booking, and wedding date). The remaining third plus security deposit must be paid no later than 4 weeks prior to the wedding date. 

Pay in Four (available with spends over £1500)

A non-refundable booking fee of a quarter of the package/booking total is required to secure your bookingTwo further quarter payments are payable at dates provided at the time of quote (split evenly between date of booking, and wedding date). The remaining quarter plus security deposit must be paid no later than 4 weeks prior to the wedding date. 

We will also send you reminders in the lead up to your wedding date for any outstanding balance. We will do our upmost to contact you via email and phone/text/whatsapp to let you know when your balance is due, and will do whatever we can to help / be as flexible as possible. However, in the event of not receiving your outstanding balance by 2 weeks before your event date (and with no response from yourselves after numerous attempts to contact you) we have the right to cancel your booking and retain the booking fee. This is absolutely a last resort, so please do contact us – we’re here to help!


Our quotes are valid for 2 weeks from issue. After which they will be subject to the current prices advertised at that time.

Once we’ve received your booking fee, we will not increase the cost of the booking unless in the following circumstances; 

– the date or location of the event changes, and therefore travel and/or time costs need to be recalculated

– you inform us of the need for us to return and move an item, which will be quoted separately for. Note items must not be moved once set up, see below ‘Set Up’ 

Should you wish to add additional items to your booking at a later date after you have paid your booking fee, these will be subject to the current prices advertised at that time.


Cancellations (up to 3 months before the wedding date) will result in the loss of the booking fee (the amount of which will be detailed in your invoice). We will do our utmost to accommodate a new booking for your new date however should we not be available we reserve the right to keep the booking fee.

Cancellations with less than 3 months until the wedding date will incur a loss of all monies paid to date, this is due to us having held your date and chosen items (turning away other potential customers). Should we manage to obtain a new booking for your date though we will refund all but the non-refundable booking fee.

Once an order has been placed and booking fee paid for, you may not reduce the price of your order. This is because we have held these items for you and quite often turned away other customers. We will allow swaps for other similar priced items, if they are available on your wedding date.

Please note: should Rent For Your Event need to cancel your booking due to unforeseen circumstances or illness, all payments already made will be refunded to you.

Security Deposit

We will require a security deposit for each hire, the amount of which will be detailed on your invoice and will be dependent on the number of items/value of items hired. The security deposit will be fully refunded on safe collection/return of the hired items in the same manner as to how the deposit was paid. The speed of refund will depend on your bank. Please allow up to 3 days for us to return the security deposits during busy periods due to the need to check all items hired. The security deposit is to cover any items which are either lost, stolen or returned to us damaged or with pieces/equipment missing. This includes, but is not limited to, post boxes and keys, doughnut wall and all 32/35 pegs, easels, sweet cart and all glassware/tongs/decorations, flower walls/backdrops and pipe & drape system, arches, backrops, artificial flowers, decorations, prosecco wall its accessories and 42/84 glasses, neon signs and cables/remotes, light up letters and cables/bulbs, chair drapes, candlesticks, glass vases, napkins, material table runners, all fabrics, charger plates, centrepiece stands, table numbers, white pillars, ficus trees, pampas wings. For damage or failure to return any item, Rent For Your Event will obtain a quote for repair or replacement and deduct the amount required from the security deposit. If the amount of replacement or repair is greater than the security deposit, we may invoice you for the additional cost providing you with receipts/evidence of the amount required to cover the cost.


We will arrive to set up at a time agree with the hirer and/or venue. The price quoted will include one set up in one place, and once set up the items such as Arches, Flower Walls, Sweet Carts cannot be moved due to their size, weight and delicacy (unless previously agreed with us) Depending on availability, we may be able to return to move your item to a second location and we will quote for this on request. 


Collections for all bookings will be the morning after the wedding. Please ensure that your venue allows for next day collection before making a booking with us. 

Outdoor Hire

Due to the unpredictability of English weather, our items cannot be hired for outdoor use unless expressly agreed with us at time of booking (and only available with our Exclusive & Epic Packages, weather permitting). 


Some of our items are heavy and/or large and will require adequate access to your venue in order to deliver & collect. If we are unable to set up the equipment due to no prior warning of limited access, we will not be able to provide a refund so please ensure you have checked how will can access your venue safely. 

Customer Liability

Rent For Your Event cannot be deemed liable should any guests at your event have an allergic reaction to any of the products provided at the event. Allergy information is available on request for all of the products provided. Some of the products may have traces of nuts or may have been produced alongside other products which contain nuts.

Customers should also ensure that children are suitably supervised at all times around hired items as they will not be manned by staff from Rent For Your Event once set up. We cannot be held responsible for safety issues which occur from the use of the equipment, consumables or the consumption of food products at your event.

No open flames (fires or cigarettes) must be near the hired items, and liquids and animals must be kept away to ensure no accidental damage from spillages. Children must be supervised around the hired items, and not allowed to climb or pull any of the structures. 

Please note: none of our items should be moved or have any items pinned or attached to unless by prior agreement with Rent For Your Event. None of the items is suitable for sitting or climbing on, therefore we cannot be held responsible for any injuries that may occur should this happen. Any items found to be being miss-used during hire period will result in removal of the item/s and no refund given.


The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a privacy and data protection regulation in the European Union effective 25th May 2018. Rent For Your Event will collect and store personal data which is provided to us when an enquiry is made. This data will be held securely, password protected and will not be shared with any third parties. This data will be deleted 6 months after the event date has passed.


Rent For Your Event reserves the right to take photographic and video items of the hired items prior to / at your event and to use those images for marketing purposes.

Acceptance of Terms

Your completed enquiry form and/or payment of our invoice, where several links and references to this page have been made, is deemed as your acceptance of our Terms & Conditions of hire. Should you wish to receive a copy of these terms, please let us know.


Rent For Your Event have current public liability insurance. Details of this can be provided upon request.

We reserve the right to amend these terms at any time.